Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So, for my readers out there… I'm either going to start referring to you as my ramblers or my roses. If you have any input as to which you like better please feel free to comment. I cherish the feedback I get from you all, and the more feedback I get the more inclined I am to call you ramblers :)

I had planned to do a "look at my new haircut" post today, but sadly some severe storms came through, my power went out, and it wasn't exactly an ideal situation for picture taking.

But the storms were beautiful. The lightning, thunder and heavy rain were so relaxing. I curled up with a glass of wine, my ukulele, my puppy and my man for a night of simplicity.

In light of the beautiful tantrum Mother Nature provided us tonight, I decided to share with you a song from my night's soundtrack… and also one of my favorite tunes. Enjoy and I hope you all sleep well and dream a little dream of, well, hopefully not me, but something blissful.

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