Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Hair, New Garden

Hey Ramblers :) (that's what I decided to call you all now)

It's finally here-- my new hair post! The story of my new hair is not very exciting, but it wasn't the most intentional haircut I've ever gotten.

I knew I wanted to trim up the mangy mess on my head, but I walked into the salon with absolutely no idea of what exactly I planned to do.

I ended up playing with it in the mirror a bit and settling on asking for a trim "up to my collar bone."

Little did I realize that trim was actually 9 inches and I may have been underestimating how short my collar bone actually was.

But the stylist was amazing and she did it a little shorter in back and I was so pleased with how it turned out, after I got over the shock that is.

In the spirit of "new" things I also thought I'd share with you all the itty bitty courtyard garden I've started. Some of the plants have been growing for some time (as you can tell by the aloe) but with spring here and summer near the plants have been given new life.

They say spring is time for rejuvenation, so-- whether that be your looks, your wardrobe, your life or your hobbies-- I hope you all find that extra time to do something new with your days!


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