Saturday, May 17, 2014

Short Hair, Don't Care

Hey readers!

While I know I'm about to sound like a weird old woman who has been married for an odd number of years, I feel the need to admit that my boyfriend and I went for our very first couples haircut!

It was actually quite exciting as we both made some MAJOR changes to our do's, though I'll give him credit for being the big risk taker of the day.

I'm going to do a special unveiling post of my new style (no hints allowed) but I thought I'd give you all a quick peek at the insane chopping of my boyfriend's strands.

For those who don't know, my boyfriend has been growing out his locks for years, in hopes of donating them once his hair was long enough. It almost seemed like that would never happen, considering his hair was longer than mine and he still wouldn't cut it (and I really like ponytails on guys so I wasn't exactly rooting for the trim) but it came time where the hair was just too long, though very luxurious I will say.

Here's a little footage of the first snip of the night… warning: this video is dramatic, and could be stress-inducing for long-hair lovers.

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