Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Word: Casuality

That's right. I've made up a new word-- it's casuality. Some women like to show off their sexiness, others their tomboy-ness and some their craziness...but I like to show off much my casual-ness.  Not to be confused with casualty, though some think the laziness of casual dressers could be a fashion fatal, my new word will be used to describe my outfit loves--- those that express my casuality. Feel free to use my word in your own everyday lingo (no this is not like Mean Girls where I'm trying to make "fetch" a thing). If you're anything like me and an oversized sweatshirt, a floppy hat, boots and ripped jeans is your ideal of a damn good wardrobe day, well then I say "cheers to your casuality!"

(Jeans and sweatshirt: H&M, boots: Nine West, Hat: Vintage)

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