Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy as Busy Can Be

So, things have been crazy lately. The days I usually have off work, which I typically use for blogging, I did not have off last week and my weekend was busier than normal. Add to that that my Mondays off are no more and basically my schedule has been a complete disaster. I apologize because blogging took a back seat last week, but I promise I will make it up!

I spent my day today helping out at my favorite vintage thrift store in Chi-town and scored this gem of sweater. 

If there ever was a sweater to get me through this brutal cold, it's this BCBG knit. And while every bone in my body is shivering, wishing for springtime, this sweater makes the shivering a little bit better… plus who doesn't love some BCBG?!

Expect more posts on the crazy cool finds I dig up during my ventures in this little vintage treasure trove.

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