Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Full Woman

If I had to pick a modern musician who has inspired me consistently over the years it would have to be Caroline Smith.

I've had the pleasure of meeting this extraordinary woman a few times over the last few years, and she and her amazing band have grown significantly since I first saw them perform at a bar in Winona, Minn.

Caroline not only inspires me through her voice, but through her style and her humbled personality.

Her voice has always had an incredibly unique sound, one I could pick out of a crowd instantly, and one that sticks in your ears when you hear it. But she also has this effortless sense of style, with a giant head of awesome hair.

She and the Goodnight Sleeps recently released a new album, deviating from their original sound and turning to more jazzy vocals and music that borderlines hip hop and R&B... needless to say it's a welcomed change as most of my friends who listen to her as religiously as I do have oogled over the album for days.

But don't listen to me ramble on about how great "Half About Being a Woman" is, see for yourself!

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