Sunday, June 17, 2018

Weekend in NOLA

You had me at beignets, NOLA. Talk about an incredible city! Great music, great food and great booze. I fell in love with the history, the beautiful homes, the colorful lifestyle and the incredibly nice people! I mean, when you wake up every day and have a beignet and coffee for breakfast what can possibly go wrong?! Here's a little recap of our trip. 

Our first day was spent largely traveling to the city and then spending time with some dear friends - though we of course had to end the night with some delicious gelato from Angelo Brocato. On Day 2 we slept in a little and went for breakfast at an adorable cafe called Bear Cat, which may have had the most delicious chia pudding I've ever had, plus a cold brew unlike any other. Then, we went to a baby shower for one of our most favorite couples (who are going to be the best parents) and spent the afternoon indulging in good beer with good people. We later walked to a small coffee shop in the Garden District called Cafe Luna before bouncing around to a few vintage shops in the area. 

For dinner, we stopped at Superior Seafood, where we had crawfish risotto, blackended grouper and some phenomenal oysters -- a home run meal if you ask me. 

The night was spent beer hopping, visiting a hidden but adorable gem called Courtyard Brewery. After a drink there, we popped over to NOLA Brewing to cap our evening off with some old timey movies and delicious beers -- did I mention you can drink them while you walk down the street?!

Our final day was one for exploration. We went to the French Quarter, starting off with the obvious beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde. We walked all over the area, stopping at small coffee shops and little vintage boutiques. We had lunch at the new Pythian Market - I had some delicious crawfish poutine and Dave had jerk chicken with jasmine rice and plantains. 

We went back to the Garden District, where we were staying, and stopped inside a voo-doo shop called Dark Lady. We had a lovely tarot card reading (individual and couple) and walked over to Creole Creamery for some incredible ice cream, sipping on some delicious Jucifer beer from Gnarly Brewing as we walked. 

Then we capped off our trip with a walk back to our apartment and headed for the airport! 

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