Friday, December 11, 2015

Adventuring Tourists

I'm typically the type of traveler that loves to experience the not-so-famous parts of a city I'm visiting. I like to stop in that corner coffee shop,  shop in that small vintage store and sight see in the more remote areas -- the parts of a city that make it real. But sometimes in my quest for authenticity, I can end up forgetting how grand the more-traveled parts of a city can be. That includes in my home. There's so much to see here in Chicago it can almost be overwhelming. But I had the pleasure of exploring with my good friend, an amazing photographer from Minnesota, who reminded me that it's more about the adventure than where you go. 

Even when we visited some of the biggest tourist spots in my city (like "The Bean"), I never felt like a tourist. I've always loved my city, but stopping for a day to adventure with someone with a different perspective made me fall in love that much more. 

(Coat, boots, purse: Vintage, Dress: Akira, Sunglasses: Forever 21)

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  1. Beautiful pictures Alex! You look like a model. Love the clothes.