Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Denim Days Aren't Over

The denim days aren't over-rrr! (Sing that like you're singing "the dog days are over and it will seem much cooler)

Denim never gets old and it never fades from my wardrobe, so I figured, why not just pile on the denim today?

From patchwork pants to a button-up blouse this outfit consists of blue hues from head to.. ankles (because my shoes are camel).

Finished with a pair of Report mules for the final touch of non-denim-- but that's only because I don't own a pair of denim shoes.

(Top: Urban Outfitters, Tank: Gap, Jeans: Forever21 icon, Shoes: Piperlime)


  1. I too luv denim.

  2. Love this outfit, it's so effortless. Great photography too!
    Amrita & Prita

  3. Cute! I like your shoes. P.S. I have a feeling you inspired Katy Perry for the VMA's. ;-)

    - CML by Kaisha

  4. Thank you everyone! And while this was posted before the VMAs, I was pretty pleased to see that head-to-toe denim getup! :) --Alex

  5. I'm loving your patchwork pants, and your writing is so cute (haha I ended up singing dog days after you little intro ;) ).


  6. Really liked this whole look especially the pants and shoes!! Very nice !!