Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Things Vintage

I'm often told I'm an old soul. Granted, I am bit grandma-esque in my love of hibernating with good television, my pup, and comfy jammies, I hope most of those comments are referring to my love all things "oldies."

The 60's and 70's were a distant dream for me, but I've always imagined how much I would love to live during those eras. To be a part of the free-spirited, environmental, peaceful culture that culminated during that time, and of course to be able to see some of my favorite bands live, seems heavenly. 

But for now, I live vicariously in those eras by incorporating some elements occasionally in my wardrobe and rockin' out in my car.

Jackie O. sunglasses, a vintage tee, and-- just because I also love the 90's (we can skip the 80's for the most part)-- some Spice Girl-esque platforms. 

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  1. Hi Alexandria, I love this look! and I feel the same about the 60s and 70s decades, I often have a deep longing for that time period, even though I didn't exist until about 2 decades after the 70s. There's just something amazing about the fact that people's social attitudes (especially that of the younger generation), which manifested itself in countless grassroots movements and campaigns, permanently shifted the direction that the world was going in. That is freakin' amazing! Social attitude matters...
    Also, before I forget, I featured this look on fashion blog noi h. saf, you can see your feature at

    hope you like!
    Let me know what you think