Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Take Her to Never Ever Land

I know I don't usually post many opinion pieces on here, but with all the Coachella hype floating around the interwebs these days I decided I would weigh in on one controversial trend.

While it's expected that a venue candied with hipsters will feature trendy debuts that will set the stage for summer festival fashion, it also stands to reason that the attempts at trend-starting will flop.

With all my heart I'm hoping this attempt falls in the latter category.

I'm all for risk taking, stepping outside the box, coloring outside the lines and leaping into the darkness that is the fashion world… but I will say this is one trend I hope never catches on. 

Not only could this be an offensive tribute to a tribal culture out there somewhere, but there seems to be some issues as far as practicality. 

First, doesn't it get in the way when you eat? I suppose you can maybe spoon feed yourself through the hole of the ring, but let's be honest ladies, no one will look attractive trying to do so.

Second, there is so much that could go terribly wrong while wearing this. Things could easily get caught on the ring and the potential for nose tears will not be far behind… and that's coming from a gal with experience in much, MUCH smaller nose decor.

In all, the risks far outweigh the benefits in attempting this trend, so if you're considering trying the trend for yourself, let me start by advising you-- don't. 

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