Friday, January 31, 2014

Puppy Love

I absolutely adore this little beagle-bulldog mix at one of my favorite consignment shops by my apartment.

Meet Oliver Alfred from Savvy Seconds & 1st's. Each time you enter the little shop on Lincoln Avenue, Oliver is there to greet you and show you around--as if there already wasn't enough to love among the racks of wonderful, vintage clothes.

Note: If you bring your boyfriend shopping, having a dog for him to play with makes things much easier. 

Well, Oliver and I went on a little adventure around the square this afternoon, and let's just say this dog's got style. Check out his flannel shirt and jean jacket combo!

(Sorry ladies, he's taken).


  1. Love your Shoes.

  2. omg he is so cute!!!
    i love when stores have dogs
    great pics